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The B&D Panelift® garage door will ensure you can continue to enjoy your home and lifestyle, with added features that improve door safety, reduce maintenance requirements and give smooth, quiet operation.
As the garage door is an integral part of the home’s design, architecture and security, the B&D Panelift® features a range of styles, colours and options that will be the perfect fit for your home.

Safety for your family
The Panelift® door includes advanced features to ensure the safety of your family, including:

  • Unique, patented Pinchfree™ hinge and panel edge design to stop fingers getting caught on the inside or outside of the door
  • Rolled over edges on stiles, panels and reinforcing reducing the risk of cut fingers
  • In-line wheels and tracks that do not protrude behind the door, reducing the chance of finger entrapment at the sides of the door
  • Reinforcing rail end caps ensure there are no sharp edges, protecting against cuts

Smooth, quiet operation
Your home should be a quiet, peaceful place, and you don’t want a noisy garage door disturbing you. The Panelift® has been designed to ensure it operates smoothly and quietly, with features such as:

  • Nylon wheels with ball bearings for smooth running
  • Factory fitted polypropylene internal hinging system and moulded glass reinforced polypropylene track curve, allowing the door to run easily and smoothly during opening and closing and to reduce the chance of the door binding

Weather protection
The garage today is used to store many different valuable objects, and in some cases is used as another room, so weather protection is an important feature of your garage door.

  • Soft, pliable bottom weatherseal to help stop leaves and rain coming in under the door
  • Emb-A-Seal option available to reduce gaps between the door and jamb, to keep out the weather
  • Colorbond steel, our preferred supplier, to stand up to the harsh Australian climate

You don’t want to spend your free time maintaining your garage door. Your Panelift® door will continue to operate like new, with minimal maintenance requirements*, thanks to features such as:

  • Springs designed to exceed the Australian Standard for garage doors – 20,000 cycles
  • Factory fitted internal hinging system, eliminating the need to maintain hinges
  • Additional panel reinforcing for larger doors, to ensure door strength

Profiles available in Panelift range

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