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Whether you own a large warehouse, small storage space or shopfront, B&D’s commercial roller doors are designed to protect your premises. Constructed from sturdy materials and featuring a range of key security features, each commercial roller door is custom-made to your exact requirements to ensure safety, security and easy operation.

Mini Warehouse Roller Doors

Promising seamless, quiet operation and high standards of durability, security and longevity, the Mini Warehouse is the best commercial roller door for small warehouse spaces, storage centres, kiosks or shopfronts. 

Key features

  • Nylofelt running strips on either side of the door guarantee smooth, quiet operation.
  • With a steel curtain, bottom weather seal and optional wind-locking, the Mini warehouse door can withstand the elements.
  • A castellated steel drum, mini groove top sheet and curtain separator promises easy operation and reduces paint scuffing.
  • Various locking options offer peace of mind that your premises will remain secure.


The Mini Warehouse comes with a seven-year warranty.

Series 2 Roll-A-Door

An ideal door solution for industrial and commercial businesses, the Series 2 Roll-A-Door is perfect for larger warehouses and shopfronts. Available in a wide variety of chic COLORBOND colours, it can be tailored to suit every style of property.

Key features

  • Smooth, quiet operation thanks to B&D’s own Nylofelt running strips.
  • A heavy gauge 0.5mm curtain, pressed into a deeper more rigid profile with optional wind-locking ensures strength and protection from the elements.
  • A bottom weatherseal keeps out leaves, dust and debris.
  • Complete lockability with a waist-high slide locking bolt for extra security.
  • Sturdy springs designed for 20,000 open and close cycles.


The Series 2 Roll-A-Door comes with a one-year warranty.

Series 3 Squareline Roller Door

Perfect for tight headroom situations, or where maximum opening height is required, the Series 3 Squareline is custom-made to suit every opening, making it ideal for many businesses.

Key features 

  • Innovative Nylofelt running strips ensure seamless, quiet operation.
  • A heavy gauge 0.5mm curtain, with optional wind-locking, ensures strength and protection from the elements.
  • A waist-high slide locking bolt offers optimal protection from break-ins or unwanted entry.
  • Sturdy springs designed for 20,000 cycles.


The Series 3 Squareline comes with a seven-year warranty.

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