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  • Chamberlain’s advanced Absolute Position Encoder (APE)
  • Auto-reset thermal protection
  • Mechanically interlocked contactors
  • Provision for advanced diagnostic modes through the optional Hand Held Diagnostic Tool (HHDT)
  • Universal Main Control Board (MCB) suits all and previous Maestro openers (conversion kit required)
  • Bolt down MCB transformer (no solder joints)
  • Auto learn for Chamberlain monitoredIR beams
  • Adjustable door behaviour configuration
  • ACEM Detect for operator safety
  • Optional pre-wired leads for 3 phase openers
  • No on board fuses for increased reliability

Proven Grifco features:

  • Automatic Chain Engage Mechanism (ACEM)
  • Reliable self locking gear reduction
  • Three phase and single phase motor options
  • Low voltage wall controller for programming and door operation
  • Additional functionality through optional plug-in expansion boards
  • Push button limit set through controller
  • Three limit positions (standard)

the kit is suPPlied with:

  • Automatic Chain Engage Mechanism (ACEM)
  • 10B drive chain and sprocket
  • Pre fitted 240VAC 3 pin plug (3 phase plug and lead optional)
  • Grifco’s NEW Main Control Board with APE technology
  • Low voltage wall controller and 6m plug-in lead
  • Motor mounting bracket and fasteners

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